About Us

Sauté & Bake is a new family-owned restaurant and bakery serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine in Dubai, UAE.

Our mission is to serve you only the freshest and healthiest dishes, without compromise. Our ingredients are locally sourced from the farms of our neighboring Emirates from fruits and vegetables, to dairy, to poultry and meat.

Indulge in our favorite appetizers like Greek hummus or roasted peas with sundried tomatoes, salads like Mediterranean lentil with spinach or the Olivier, and any of our delicious sautés and bakes, some of which are served with our freshly baked crusts. Make sure to leave space for one of our mouth watering homemade deserts.

We invite you to come and experience our incredible cuisine, outstanding service and our beautiful surroundings. We look forward to creating a dining experience you will always remember.


From the Press


“Flavors of the Mediterranean along the shores of Dubai. For a newly opened restaurant, Sauté & Bake sure did not disappoint ”.


Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

“Their bakery is the bomb. All bread lovers in Dubai should come visit. The smell of freshly baked bread as soon as you enter will remind you of a cozy cafe in Paris. ”


The Food Reporter

"The people running Sauté & Bake will be one of the reasons you’ll  keep coming back .... of course, after their Tiramisu."